Looking for My Path in Life

Yesterday Dad told me I should start writing about food, as he thinks I am a good cook. I have been looking for a theme for this blog, or something interesting to write about. So why not food?

Yesterday was a bit of a bad day for me. I got a wake-up call at 1 AM from Dad’s heart monitoring agency, checking on him as his heart went into a bad rhythm again. I was awake all night and could not get back to sleep for worry. Like a fool I went out yesterday afternoon and bought some ultra-cheap beer and got hammered at home. My drunkenness knocked me out for a while, but it was not a restful sleep. Today is day one of my abstinence from ethanol, and I am keeping track of it on a calendar.

So, food. Yesterday I did some tests on so-called Parmasan cheese. First I bought a wedge of something made in Wisconsin. It tasted like plastic with a little salt. Why can they not make good cheese in Wisconsin? I went back to the store and bought a wedge of Italian Parmasan. It had a strong but good smell, it was aged over two years, and was crumbly and a bit crunchy. The Italian cheese was nothing like the American, probably because they did not age the American variety long enough or under the correct conditions.

Today I got a chicken to roast. I am going to roast a couple of sweet potatoes as well. I have some asparagus to boil up, and some lettuce and green onions to make a salad. For lunch later I will make some low sodium and low fat cream of mushroom and vegetable soup. I can not believe how much salt they put in canned soup. I guess it makes people want to eat more of it. Food companies are only in it for the money, and the more they can sell, the happier they are. I think food should be healthy.

Yesterday I threw out the rest of my chicken and beef bullion. It is nothing but salt, monosodium glutamate, and a little fat. MSG is nothing but a neurotoxin that does not belong in food. You know how they get lab rats to become obese? They spike their food with MSG. The thing is, our wonderful government allows corporations to hide MSG in food because they can call it any of over two dozen misleading names, like modified soy protein. The rule about not eating anything with ingredients you can not pronounce does not apply to me though, as I know chemical nomenclature and pronunciation, as well as a good deal about various food additives, as I look them up online or in the Merk Index.

I really do not think I want to make this a food blog. I think it will just be my online journal, where I type up my thoughts and get some practice writing and editing. I really don’t feel like writing much these days because we have been having a lot of problems lately. What I should do is fire up Word and start a real project, a book perhaps that I can sell on Amazon. Perhaps I will write the story of my life. Perhaps I will write something about how to get into shape. At least for today I am staying away from beer and alcohol, and am going to try to kick this nasty smoking habit as well. Take care people, and may your days be bright and merry.