Starting a Vegan Diet

Five days ago I cut most of the animal products out of my diet. In that time I have managed to lose a couple of pounds. I also gained a lot of energy and a better outlook on life. Yesterday was my Dad’s birthday, and I shared a small piece of salmon with him, so I am not totally vegan. I still take fish oil for the omegs-3 fatty acids, as one of my doctors told me I should do some years ago.

I have been getting my protein mostly from beans. Dry beans are very easy to cook in a slow cooker. A cup of dry beans and five cups of water in the cooker, set to high, and five hours later the beans are done perfectly. This is also the right amount to fill a large tupperware container, and keeps me in protein for two or three days. I also got some tofu and some soy milk yesterday, which is a bit pricey, but still, better for you than eggs or milk.

I have been using my desk bicycle exerciser for the last three days first thing in the morning. I eat bananas and apples, and sometimes have oatmeal for breakfast. I try to eat a lot of vegetables as well, with zucchini squash, cabbage, cauliflower, and lettuce high on my list. The extra fiber has done good things for my digestion.

I find the things people do to farm animals on factory farms repulsive, and have seen plenty of the horrors of slaughterhouses in movies on the net. I used to raise chickens, and never subjected them to the torments of this kind of confinement. But taking care of animals is a big expense, and I was put out of that hobby by raccoons and other predators.

Plant foods are a lot cheaper in general than animal foods, and have none of the cholesterol or bad saturated fats. Over the summer I researched the various low-carb and high-protein diets, even trying to follow those plans for a week or so, but they left me tired and without motivation. Since then I have seen evidence that such diets contribute to early mortality and poor health in general. I am fairly happy with the path I am on now.

In the coming days I will be posting updates on my progress and state of health. I will also try to post some of the things I learn about this lifestyle by my online and offline research. I have already dropped some weight, though I weigh in now at 225 pounds. I am carrying around about 55 pounds of excess body fat, which needs to be shed. I also need to get a lot more activity and exercise into my life, and leave behind my bad habits that negatively affect my health, such as smoking cigarettes and drinking beer. Like any other change, this will all take time. I have a long way to go on my journey, and need something to keep myself accountable, hence this journal.