Get In Shape

Part of getting into shape is getting off your ass and getting things done. A big part of fitness is also watching your diet. This blog is my trigger to do both. I will keep a log of my activities here and post my progress at getting into better shape. Personally, I have a few health problems. I am obese at the moment and on heavy psych meds which have caused this weight gain. This shit makes you hungry and lethargic. So I am doing my best to get motivated and make some progress towards my ideal body.

I apologize to any polite readers for my rather blunt language. I don’t hold with being overly formal and proper. Some things bother me about my life, and about the state of information on the net these days. It seems everybody has an agenda. Everybody is selling some product or system. Well, I have so little traction here nobody is going to give me consideration for a post here. And nobody is going to pay me to write a post for their blog either. But we all start with nothing in this world, and it is important to use what we have to make a go of things.

I will be writing short articles about fitness and diet, even though I am no expert. Perhaps I will throw in some recipes I try. Perhaps I will review some online information and leave a link. I mean, blog is short for web log, and it was originally made to point to interesting content on the web. A list if you will of perhaps useful information. I see no reason not to link or embed YouTube videos on various subjects, as I spend a lot of time every day reviewing other people’s work on that site. I don’t spend a lot of time listening to music these days either, unless Janell is over.

That’s all for the first post on this blog. I need to become more of a writer and less of a diarist. My personal life is of little importance in the grand scheme of things, and how other people build a following here with nothing but stories about their own lives I don’t even know. More to come soon.

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